Saturday, August 31, 2013

My Craft room

Over at Hiding in my Craft Room they are having a blog hope showing
their creative spaces...
Thought I would share a bit about mine.

This is my craft room... Looks a bit messy from this angle but really isn't too bad right now... You know the whole creative mind and messy space LOL.
Thought I would show a photo of my eCraft By Craftwell... I know this isn't a popular machine but I sure love mine.  I have to say though I always use chipboard to do my cutting on... The gimmick with this machine is you don't have to use mats but I like how it cuts better and I just use the back of 12x12 paper pads.

One of the things I love most in my room is my stamp storage.  I used small Curtain rods and attached them into the inside of the drawer and it works great to hold all of my stamps.  They are all in Close to My Heart Storage envelops.  Unfortunately this drawer is full so I will be moving down to the next drawer right away :)
So this is my portable crafting station in my living room.  Yup this way I can watch TV and craft at the same time.

This is a corner of my Craft Room that I do pottery.  It is a bit messy right now but then again you play with mud you are bound to make a mess.  

Hope you enjoyed a little peak into my craft room and my home.

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  1. Please explain that curtain-rod-to-organize-the stamp envelopes idea in a little more detail...

  2. The curtain rod to organize the stamps... I got the rods at Walmart for possibly $2/2 rods (I know it was cheap)They are Levolor Sash Rods. 12"-22"... Anyhow what I did is measured my storage envelopes they are 6x6 if I remember right so I put the rods at approx every 6.5" in the drawer super simple I just nailed the clip in with the nails provided. This keeps them snapped in so they don'e come loose. The way it worked out I got 4 rows per drawer I did end up putting boxes for spacers at the very back because I couldn't get the envelopes out of the back. Hope that helps

  3. Oh I love your stamp storage idea! As soon as my son moves his stuff out of the closet in my craft room, I may do this! Thank you so much for the idea!


  4. GREAT space! I do love your CTMH stamp storage idea! And pottery! That sounds fun! Thanks for sharing with us at HIMCR!

    Hiding in My Craft Room